CrossFire – (Patch already running) Erorr SOLUTION!

Its very easy and quick!.. You dont have to shut down your computer again! Steps: 1. Open Crossfire, Click START GAME. 2. Press Lock, on your computer. 3. Log back on your windows account. 4. The cf.pather should pop ul by itself!

ABGX360 : This is one way how to not get banned from xbox live Some games may be already stealth patched but it doesn’t hurt to be sure !
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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38 thoughts on “CrossFire – (Patch already running) Erorr SOLUTION!”

  1. @gustavocastillo100 Yes it will.

    PS: This only works when you start up the client.., you have to do this everytime you open the client up. Good thing is that it’s quick to lock and unlock computer ;).

  2. good vid but every time I try and do a game it says video partition doesnot match known data(file could be corrupt or have new wave not seen before)any sugestion on how to fix this error

  3. @X3WILDCARDX3 a man word of advice: go fuck yourself, I’m not indian, i was just fucking your mom in the same time…

  4. man word of advice make sure if your gonna do a tut that all your links and info is right before you post shit like this up u fucking dumass indian

  5. what is the best dvd to use for the games i know it has to be 8.5 gigs but any sertin brands? Also whats the best burner for the games?

  6. The quality of the vid may not be the best but the vid is GREAT man you helped alot,I hope you won’t get banned from youtube for this =) many thanks!i thumbed up the vid xD

  7. @jamal000011 only if you have an older version of firmware (modding software) and if you’re online on banwaves (octomber, november, december)

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