25 thoughts on “Halo Custom Edition Keygen FREE DOWNLOAD”

  1. omg this does work but can anyone tell me why when i go to play multiplayer it says:the server operator has banned u from playing on this server or when i go to make a multiplayer game it says : invalid cd key

  2. DUDE MY SOUND WAS UP AND MY MOM WAS RIGHT THERE fortunately she was sleeping-_- OH and i just used one of yours XD and it worked!!!!

  3. Thank you! Guy’s it worked…. ive been looking for a key gen that worked for 2 days now!! and finally i found one! this isn’t BS… It actually worked. Thank you!

  4. if you are having problems with opening the jzip file, click open, then choose windoes explorer, if doesn’t work i think its because this is windows 7,

    thank you to who ever posted this video

  5. Dude u ROCK I LOVE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i downloaded btw im not lazy trying to use the ones u showed :)

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