How to mount and crack an .ISO file

Quick tut on mounting, cracking and installing an .iso file. Everything done in the video was free. Daemon Tools Lite. Song Mt Eden – Sierra Leone *All copyright material belongs to their respective owners. In no way am I attempting to advertise, sell, or distribute copyright material.
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Scrapers Tools and Automation Software by AceApp Studios

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22 thoughts on “How to mount and crack an .ISO file”

  1. Unless there’s an .ISO in the rar file then this tut won’t help you and the game needs to be cracked a different way. Try looking for a tut inside the rar on what to do or try finding the crack somewhere on your own. Good luck.

  2. You must be using the wrong executable to start the game. Normally there’s a launcher and the actual game itself. (For example, in the Sims 3 there’s Sims3Launcher.exe and ts3.exe. The first one launches to the store for updates and news and the second starts the actual game.) Try finding the exe that takes you straight to the game, otherwise it’s going to want you to patch or update and that normally ruins the crack.

  3. I did the process for dues ex human revolution and when I go to start the game it always prompts me to the steam store.. any advice man

  4. will this method work on rar files once unpacked iv got an application file needs crack doing please help???

  5. That could be a couple different things. Make sure you’re launching from ts3.exe (If it’s the Sims 3) and running as admin. If still no, try to reinstall. If those two things aren’t working you may have a bad torrent or your computer might not be able to run it.

  6. i did all that but when the launcher pops up it says there was an error during startup so what do i need to do?

  7. All the mount and drive manager does is open Daemon Tools. All you have to do is right click the icon at the lower right hand side of the screen.

  8. I think you’re under the wrong directory. Unless you changed the default install folder during installation it should be under C:/Program Files/EA Games/ Shift 2, or wherever Shift 2 installed under Program Files.

  9. i put the crack file in My Documents/ Downloads/ Shift.2.Unleashed-RELOADED/
    the crack file name is: Shift.2.Unleashed.CrackOnly-RELOADED/ .
    when i use the shortcut file it says “Windows is searching for Shift2u.exe. To locate the file yourself click browse”.

  10. Are you putting it in the right folder? It’s wherever it installs in your C drive. And if so then try just starting the game from the cracked file once it’s in the folder. Also try running as an administrator.

  11. yup i have mounted the game,installed it and put the crack over to the same file as the game but i don´t get a message about overwriting the game with the crack. What do i do wrong?

  12. Have you downloaded the file? If that’s what you need help doing then you can either use BitTorrent or uTorrent to actually download it. If it is downloaded then you just need to open the .iso with Daemon Tools.

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