Installing skyrim using razor1911 installer

Made for :IamAwesome: on Files: Razor installer Razor crack all passwords are “awesome” (These are :IamAwesome:’s uploads, not mine.) 1.) Extract SKYRIM_EN.iso to SKYRIM_EN/ (So you should have extracted twice now.. Ending with a folder called kyrim_EN that has 1 subfolder “resources” and the files: autorun.inf, icon.ico, setup.xe, setup.ini etc…. 2. download/extract the razer installer ( and drag all files from insta.rar into SKYRIM_EN/ Will look like this: 3. Run INSTALL.EXE (NOT SETUP.EXE! This is steam setup) 4.choose the directory to install the game to(default Win 7 x64 is C:\Program Files (x86)\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 5. After install is complete copy crack files to your install folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim) Looks like ^^^ Step 5 is the SAME WAY YOU UPDATE!!!!!^^^ Sorry for poor quality, was in a hurry. Hope it still helps a few people through the installation process.
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25 thoughts on “Installing skyrim using razor1911 installer”

  1. @feastopo mine couldnt install =( have you worked around your problem yet? if so please let me know how you got it to work

  2. @feastopo i am getting the exact same problem as of this moment! i clicked cancel and it says that i couldnt open the file but it continues to install.

  3. Nice, I found the solution of my problem. The .iso that I downloaded was broken, or something in it wasn’t good. I took the real cd from a friend, and then did the samething. Watch where you download it…maybe there are some bad feed.

  4. heres a hint… try putting it as low Quality Video to let it work… No crashes, it crashes because ur graphic can’t support it…

  5. It could be cool if someone could answer this: After I extract the .iso, and extract the insta.rar into that folder, and clicked on intall.exe, it gives me an error. It says (at the middle of installation): “Change Disk! Please insert the disk called “Disc 2″”. What can I do? Is it because I didn’t download the .iso at your link, or I did something wrong? The .iso is still coming from razor 1911. I guess I will need to download it again -_-…?

  6. Thank you so much man been having trouble im trying it out now. Ill update with another comment on wether it worked or not.

  7. @Durban1te download daemon tools lite, click on mount image, and select the .iso file. After that follow the installation details and crap. And it should work. Daemon tools acts as a disk for most games. I haven’t found a problem with it yet.

  8. erm i installed it and its running windowed o.O btw im using that TESV launcher from the crack because there wasnt any shortcut

  9. I’ve installed all like you say but when I enter the game apears the logo nd the main menu but I’ve no time to do nothing couse it closes quickly..
    please help

  10. How the F*ck DO you GET this Working. The Razor Installer which i downloaded Says that i need correct decyrption key, “OK”, THen asks for disc 2 WTF!!!! HELP ME!!

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