[MW2] NBK´s 4.20 Final Patch + Download July 2012

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Battlefield 3 Patch | Grenade Launcher | Squad Tips SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com TWITTER: twitter.com Battlefield 3 Update includes information on changes coming to Battlefield 3 as they patch the servers. Also watch me use the grenade launcher on Operation Metro to rack up a few kills to unlock smoke for my assault class. And finally, I give you tips for joining a squad of friends. Patch Details: blogs.battlefield.ea.com SUBSCRIBE to my BATTLEFIELD 3 SHOW! www.youtube.com BF3 3 FORUMS: www.battlestrats.com BATTLEFIELD 3 TIPS STRATEGY GUIDE: www.battlestrats.com BattleStrats: www.BattleStrats.com Follow BattleStrats on Twitter twitter.com Follow BattleStrats on Facebook: www.facebook.com Battlefield 3 “Battlefield 3 Patch” BF3 “Battlefield 3″ patch fix rubberbanding rubber banding lag servers glitch hack squad join tips tricks friends M320 grenade launcher gameplay game play multiplayer online kill explosion commentary fixed patched fixes coming update news EA dice news region Xbox PS3 PlayStation 3 PC download Howto walkthrough assault class Origin match Hardcore revive
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24 thoughts on “[MW2] NBK´s 4.20 Final Patch + Download July 2012”

  1. i hope that dice decides to bring back the old fashion grenade launcher, i hate this model of it because of the handle.

  2. Are there Grenade launcher attachments for the gun or just the Grenade launcher available instead of the Health pack?

  3. I got to agree with you. But you got to watch that Back Escalator area. Alot of times they try and run up the back (I know I do) and get the kills from behind. See realistically. You could place 3 squads (of 4) 1 at the First Escalator, 2nd at the Side Stairs and the 3rd at the back Escalator. Doing this…Will help. But you can never pull that off unless you messaged every Squad member leader to do this. and I find ALOT of people online don’t have mics. (they Should)

  4. Man every time (well 90% of the time) My friend and I try and Play and we join a server but we get split up. Sometimes we’re on the same team. (Not squad) and sometimes we end up on different sides.

  5. This map in conquest mode is all about B. If you just remain that flag you likely to win the match.

  6. I don’t think the thing you said about joing a game with your friends and staying on the same squad is true because me and my friends to play to together all the time and most of the time we are on different teams when we play Rush or Squad TDM and such.

  7. How many grenade kills do you need before you unlock smoke?

    I’ve checked Battlelog, and a few wikis, and they all say that there are no unlocks for the M320.

    Also, are there actual smoke HAND grenades?

  8. so basically, you just use noob tubes or underbarrel shotguns to unlock other assault rifle attachments like smoke launchers?

  9. yea, i like that, that you have to risk something for getting another thing. it is a balancing technique.

  10. Everytime we try to “JOIN AS PARTY” it never works. so we cant even do that.
    sucks really bad. gettin tired of it. squads with noobs that have no clue what threir doing. would like to know the secret on how to do that.

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