PSP Lord of Apocalypse FULL English Patch (Version 1.0)

I’ll be updating this Video from time to time for updates in translation of the game. Pls, Subscribe…. Download file here: The Game just got released a couple of days ago. So far i was able to translate the game around 70%. Hopefully i need some help with anyone who knows how to speak japanese well, for me to make the translation faster. PM me here if you want to contribute in translating this great game. Translated to English so far: Items- 40% Quest-65% Item Descriptions-30% Weapons/armors- 60% Text Dialogs- 47%

Hey this is a video to explain how to setup promod if you just bought a PC and are interested in playing promod or plan to in the future, this is really all the basic stuff you need, everything else is over-rated! Music Used: Transit One – Black Ice Part of – A State Of Trance 500 – Ferry Corsten COD4 1.6 PATCH DOWNLOAD – COD4 1.7 PATCH DOWNLOAD – PB SETUP DOWNLOAD – CLAN-ION COD4 CONFIG DATABASE – BIMFLOW UPDATED CONFIG DATA BASE – GAMERCONFIGS DATABASE – BASH&SLASH COD4 SCOREBOARD COLOURS – option=com_content&task=view&id=538&Itemid=74 COD4 PROMOD COMMUNITY SITE – My Config – New/Interested in Cod4 ProMod? check this link! – Call outs of all maps in ProMod created by me! – And if your bored, my most recent fragmovie! :D – CoD4 ProMod Page About Me – Somebody made a fanpage for me? XD – General Information – Mouse – Zowie EC1 (using 1000DPI and 2.3 ingame sens) Keyboard – Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Mousepad – Qpad UC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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31 thoughts on “PSP Lord of Apocalypse FULL English Patch (Version 1.0)”

  1. Oh my God man, thank you, I’ve been dying to play this game in English but it’s not released anywhere else but japan! Thanks

  2. JESUS CHRIST THANKYOU! wish i could help with the translating, but im having trouble understanding romaji as is, so i cant hope to understand kanji, hiragana or katakana letters anytime soon XD Downloading it now

  3. @Smar19 promod isnt a hack and on the main menu of pc it has an option called ” Mods ” therefor it isnt a hack if infinity ward implemented it

  4. When I join any server it sais [ ” RESTRICTION: SERVICE COMMUNICATION FAILURE PUNKBUSTRA.EXE ” ] Some1 please HELP Me!??!?! :(

  5. WHO CARES about mods for games that came out years ago! and WHO CARES about faggot ass no lifers that MOD anyway , fucking losers

  6. Good tutorial! but wtf! all u said was right but wat abt downloading promod? all know how to download it by joinning sm promod server! but how do u get it manually and put the promod patch in??? help me pls!

  7. @DrUnnameds No, ive tired uninstalling the game and installing it again, downloaded PB about 15 times, not know whats going wrong:/

  8. When I join any server it sais  [ ” RESTRICTION: SERVICE COMMUNICATION FAILURE PUNKBUSTRA.EXE ” ] Some1 please HELP Me!??!?! :(

  9. When patch is downloaded I get an error message saying “Setup has detected that you have a digitally downloaded version of cod4″ Please Help

  10. @TryToBeatThat just download punkbuster and install it. when done press add game or something and select cod 4. if you have done that it should work, if not go in settings in cod 4 and select allow punkbuster.

  11. im getting kicked right away, coming up with a massage say..
    service communication failure PunkBustA…
    ive watched many videos on fixing this, still geting the message, i dont know what to do:/

  12. do you need to save the updates in a percific place or is it as long as there on your computer theve updated.and can i just download 1.7 patch and it work?

  13. I used to have a config and it worked fine then I deleted it and reinstalled cod 4 and got a new config, I installed it in the right folder and i have tried using /exec “cfg” but i cant get my config to activate and start working, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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