[solved] Need an LA Noire pc CD\product activation key code?

pc game key codes Question by : Need an LA Noire pc CD\product activation key code?
hi all…

I’m a teenage kid who saved up for a long time so that when the game came out, so that I could buy it. The crack for the game does not work so I would REALLY appreciate an activation key :) thanx HARRY


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Answer by Kitty
…Your question is odd..

You say you saved up to buy the game..But you ask for a key because the crack dose not work..

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2 thoughts on “[solved] Need an LA Noire pc CD\product activation key code?”

  1. And you’re admitting to a Federal Felony on a public forum, why?

    There is a reason cracks are so unreliable…they’re illegal.

    If you did save your money and bought the game, the Security Key is that 25 character string included inside the case. Each one has ONE issued with it, and when activated, is locked to that copy of the game.

    Now, if you have a LEGALLY purchased copy of the game with no documentation providing the Security Key (usually found on the back of the booklet), contact the publisher.
    If you purchased a copy from an on-line store and never recieved the security code e-mail, talk to the on-line store… etc.

    Incidentally, some people may tell you to get/use a keygen program… Don’t. They are ALSO illegal (again, a Federal Felony in the US), and they also generate a code that may be issued to a copy of the game already on the market. Which means that someone using one has “stolen” the game from the person that bought it, since they can no longer register it.

    Good Luck!

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