[solved] Unused Cod4 Key Code?

game key codes online Question by Lord Abbas: Unused Cod4 Key Code?
Does anyone have a unused cod4 key code so I can play online? I’ve tried keygen and all but it doesnt work, oh and I bought this game.


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Answer by Sam
if you bought this game then why are you asking for the key code, seriously i do not like people like you, the only time it is alright to get CD-keys for things s when the publisher stops publishing or it becomes abandonware

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One thought on “[solved] Unused Cod4 Key Code?

  1. U bought a pirated game not the original 1…
    Keygen r used CD keys so u cannot play online..

    Buy the original then u will get a unused CD key!
    It’s better for u not to ask for CD keys and the society!


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