The Sims 3: Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats Serial Keys For Activation Game

Hi, all! Today i present to you first keygen The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats For PC. This video was created for informational purposes only. Download link TAGS: The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats key The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s… – The Sims 3 for consoles has a game-breaking bug that will freeze the game and console. The only “fix” is to reboot your console. There are no current long-term fixes, and your save file is effectively ruined after getting this bug. UPDATE EA has taken actions to prevent this from happening. This bug may no longer occur to most players, especially after downloading any patches. Learn more at: Find out what you can do: See if we’re broadcasting right now! http Check out our previous broadcasts. Don’t forget to watch our other gaming highlights and follow our channel! Visit our website at Follow us on twitter! @ingamingwetrust

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24 thoughts on “The Sims 3: Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats Serial Keys For Activation Game”

  1. I’m only 5 achievements away from fully completing all the achievements, and almost every time I play, it does this. It’s so demotivating. :(

  2.  I just got the game and it won’t even get past the updater on my ps3, Fuck EA. Go back to sports games you pricks.

  3. my problem is it takes for ever just to to create a sims on my 360 sometimes it will sit at load screen for 30 mins and not do a thing other times it freezes when buying a home and other times when u make a new sims it will sit at processing and not budge

  4. This happened to me earlier today, then stopped, then started again after my Sims wife delivered a baby. I can’t click on the baby after it’s born and I can’t switch Sims. If I try to save, it does this.

    I even have the patch installed. This is really pissing me off. Is there another solution to fixing this even though I have the patch?

  5. Wow. EA really needs to get their stuff straight before they release a game. Bug after bug after bug, they don’t seem to care. I’m done with EA. Even though this was mostly fixed, they still don’t fix bugs on the PC. No more Sims 3 for me!

  6. i sent my file to ea like they asked me to do… they did nothing. ugh! i just wanna play.. i have 1 trophy left :(

  7. also i think its best to play on xbox360slim cus the original xbox 360 doesnt hav the disk thingy that keeps your video games from getting scratched up so wen you play your games on the original xbox your scratching them up at the same time….while the xboxslim does have the disk thingy so it doesnt scratch up your games ..i had to throw my old sims 3 game away because my old xbox(the original xbox) scratched it up reallyy bad and that bug kept happening to me until it just stopped working…

  8. i’ve had the game since it came out and this has onli happened to me once. other than that my game hez never glithed up or anithing. wen i save i save wen theres nothing happening on the game. such as no party happening at the moment or no freinds are over at the moment..maybe that helps…or maybe im just lucky…

  9. The bug is in the disk, and whether you use xbox live or save on a different hard drive or anything nothing works. It’s EA’s fault and they’ve yet to make a patch that works.Mine has started to do this to, and countless other people’s including ps3 users. There are people that have tried everything to make it stop, it’s in the disk.

  10. I’ve downloaded the patch and I still have the freezing problem. I went to the EA forums and posted a comment there about it and got no response. I even PMed a Admin. I tried clearing the system cache and if it does save, it only saves when I haven’t done anything. What do I do? Please reply. I love The Sims and I don’t want to return it…

  11. There is no telling for sure. What we’ve learned is saving every single night in the game is the best way to defend against the bug.

  12. Now, does this only affect those who have downloaded stuff from The Exchange? I haven’t downloaded a single thing, nor do I play online. Do I need to worry? Or is it a bug in the game itself?

  13. Axel_GERMANY said:
    I just found this tip on the Official Xbox Forums, Captain Len 1:

    what you have to do:

    1. Start a new game
    2. Once you are in “Create a Sim” quit and go back to the main menu
    3. Load up your previous freezing save
    4. Save your game in the new file that was created whilst exiting “Create a Sim”
    5. Freeze bug should be solved

    She is like 56 weeks in the game. good luck all. peace!

    I didn’t write this! I’m just passing it along to see if it really works!

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