Ultimate Knight Windom XP FREE download + install game/patch TUTORIAL!

Updated/Newer version here – fixed video glitching www.youtube.com UPDATE VERSION- fixed movie glitching + longer NOTE: THIS DOESN’T WORK ON WINDOWS 7 DUE TO COMPATIBILITY ISSUES!!! I have NO mods, since they have been taking down due to copyright infringements, if you ask me i will NOT reply! ~ATTENTION!!!~ If you get this error message “D3DX9_32.dll is missing” or somthing along the lines of it, you have compatibility issues, so try this 1)right click the UKWXP game icon 2)go to properties 3)go to compatibility 4)tick the “run this program in compatibility with” and change it to “NT 4.0 (service pack 5)” 5)tick the “run this program as administrator” box 6)apply and ok 7)try playing now 8)If it still says missing dll ect, please google that file, download it, and place in the GAME folder with the exe. This is a tutorial on “how to get Ultimate Knight Windom XP for free! *no torrents*” and its a full tutorial. Please rate the video its my first video, and if i helped you please at least click the 3rd link in this description. Enjoy the game! Ultimate Knight Windom XP link – www.mediafire.com English Patch- homepage3.nifty.com Support me at(clicking on it already helps, and there alot of gundam)-asuka-shinn.deviantart.com ~–Instructions–~ 1)download UKWXP from the 1st link 2)double click on the winrar file 3)right click it and then click “view file” 4)extract contents somewhere 5)click on the installer icon(it has a lighting bolt) 6)keep clicking the option that has an
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Ultimate Knight Windom XP FREE download + install game/patch TUTORIAL!”

  1. This is an amazing game. When I patch it… Almost works. With the patch, the gameplay is in english, but the menu screens are completely empty of text. How do I fix this?

  2. may i ask something…??
    because when i downloaded windom xp and patch it to seed mod….i cannot find the english patch for it…is there any? if does tell me please…

  3. @metalnat28 Guess its kinda of original that cats “drive/use” robots, but i dont see that happening anytime soon

  4. Works great lol : P Thanks!!
    The game itself seems to have a lot of bugs though. Such as the cat pictures and stuff : O. I didn’t get that part lol.

    But, awesome combat game though [= Never heard of it before lol My first time playing it now. And loving it.

    Too bad there isn’t any main story mode behind the battles.

  5. ok i download the missing files and i run with compatibility and and it said “has not been correctly installed

  6. Mediafire for some reason doesnt work for me, every DL link for this game that I have found leads to mediafire and for some reason the download never loads. I just constantly see the tiny blue loading button, something special about this site?

    Oh and I cant even register cause when I try it has to load some kind of engine and that doesnt even work.

  7. @jvdevera98 Compatibility mode, please read the other 1000 comments about this before re posting the same comment.

  8. When I finish downloading it, it says “Ultimate Windom XP has not been correctly installed” PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  9. I CANT DOWNLOAD IT i use windows Is there a website to download it and the download does EVERYTHING for you?

  10. @TrasmAM Just click the normal regular (・Ultimate Knight ウィンダムXP )
    NOT the one with the powerup kit

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